Most Common Flavors Throughout History

The International Ice Cream Association has compiled a list of the most common flavors, which have remained popular throughout the history of ice cream.


  1. Vanilla ice cream has consistently remained the most popular ice cream flavor. Its popularity is mostly due to the versatility of the flavor, which mixes well with toppings.
  2. Chocolate

  3. The second most popular ice cream flavor is chocolate. Most likely, this is because of the popularity of the flavor in other desserts.
  4. Strawberry

  5. Flavored after the fruit of the same name, this pink ice cream favorite has consistently ranked as a third favorite flavor in surveys taken by the International Ice Cream Association. There are also vanilla ice creams available with real strawberry fruit bits mixed in, which is not the same as strawberry flavored ice cream.
  6. Changes in Taste

  7. In the past, popular flavors included butter pecan and Neapolitan, which was actually just a mix of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. However, later surveys have shown that tastes have changed. In recent years, cookies ‘n cream and mint chocolate chip have taken the place of those previously popular flavors.
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